Whale Watching – Humpback Whale Watching boat trip in West Cork, Ireland

by Oct 25, 2015Sightings0 comments

Photographs taken from a Baltimore Sea Safari whale and dolphin watching boat trip which departed from Baltimore in West Cork, Ireland. We encountered Humpback whales that were feeding on sprats near Baltimore, which is on the Wild Atlantic Way in West Cork, Ireland.

The Humpback whales were engaged in a feeding phenomenon called bubble net feeding, this is where the Humpback whales swim deep in the water and slowly travel in a circle around shoals of fish, blowing bubbles as they travel. The bubbles rise to the surface like a curtain entrapping the fish within the circle, then the Humpback whales rise up through the center of the bubbles with mouths wide open, scooping up all the fish that they can. It makes for spectacular whale watching.

See the video of the Humpback whales that Baltimore Sea Safari encountered, bubble net feeding off Baltimore on our Baltimore Sea Safari Youtube channel.


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